• Advent: The Original (Part 2)

    “Being an expert on the original helps you spot a fake.” In part two of the Advent series Mark Vanderwier talks about how we truly love God and the shift in our culture away from the good news. Are you an expert on the original good news?

  • Advent: Hope Shift (Part 1)

    “What started in a manger didn’t end in a manger.” We’re taking a break from the Armour Up series for the advent season. In part one Mark Vanderwier reminds us that while we certainly can look back and celebrate the arrival of Jesus on this planet, we better be ready and looking ahead for His return.

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    Tori’s Story

    “I am fully aware that nothing I have done or am yet to do will separate me from the love of God.” Listen as Tori shares her testimony and answer to the question God has asked of all of us. Then she is baptized. Way to go Tori!

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    Armour Up: Rock Solid (Part 4)

    “Your good deeds do not make you righteous, they’re simply a response to what he’s done for you.” In part four of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier talks about the only thing that makes us right with God and what that means for us as we live each day in response. What are you trusting in?

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    Armour Up: Caught Without Your Belt? (Part 3)

    “[Jesus] didn’t call us just to speak the truth, He called us to speak the truth in love.” In part three of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier talks about the different ways our culture deals with truth and challenges us to think about why we would still need a belt of truth today. What truth says matters, but don’t ever let anger become your response.

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    Armour Up: Truth (Part 2)

    “It’s not just truth that sets you free, that would be easy. It’s the truth that you know that sets you free.” In part two of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier talks about exposing the lies of the enemy with the belt of truth and standing firm against the strategies of the devil. After the battle will you still be left standing?

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    Armour Up (Part 1)

    “So many people wait until they’re in the middle of a battle before they even begin looking for armour.” Today we started a new series called Armour Up. In part one Mark Vanderwier challenges us to put on the right armour for the battle so doubt doesn’t take you out. We’re in a battle everyday, but with Christ we win.

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    Chasing Lions

    “Sometimes if you’re going to make progress and grow in any area you’re going to have to chase some lions.” Mark Vanderwier talks about the three ways we can slip into pits and what you can do when if you find yourself in one. Don’t be afraid to chase the lions that are roaming around you!

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    Stumble Proof

    “Imperfect people follow Christ. So many people think christians should be better; we’re not, it’s why we need a Saviour.” Mark Vanderwier talks about the symptoms of being offended and what we can do to remove the stumbling stones ahead in the race. Don’t miss out on what Jesus has done for you because you’ve been offended…

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    Straight Outta the Shallows: So Many Reasons (Part 6)

    “We have been given much, but more than that we have been forgiven much.” Sometimes we take salvation and forgiveness for granted. In the six and final part of the Shallows series Mark Vanderwier reminds us to continually take time to focus on positives and have an attitude of thankfulness in all circumstances.

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    Straight Outta the Shallows: Moves Like Jesus (Part 5)

    “He commands us to be filled, but we don’t do the filling – we just get to open the vessel.” In part five of the Shallows series Mark Vanderwier talks about the differences between being with Holy Spirit and being filled with Holy Spirit. He also reminds us to be prepared for real life situations. When someone bumps into you what spills out?

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    Tim’s Story

    “He’s taught me who I am, who I’m supposed to be; not that I have to try to be that. I’m predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son.” Listen as Tim shares his beautiful testimony of all God has done for him. Then he is baptized.