• A Weary World Rejoices

    “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” In today’s message Gary Watson takes us on a deep dive into chapters seven and eight of the book of Isaiah and the prophesy given to King Ahaz. If you are tired, burnt out, and ready to quit, then this message is for you.

  • Considering Christmas (Part 1)

    “Just tell them about Jesus, the light of the world.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about darkness and light. Mark challenges us to considering the manger and the cross this Christmas and realize it is Christ alone that people need this Christmas. Don’t hide the light from those around you who are in darkness.

  • (Re)discover

    “There is so much to discover and rediscover in God’s word.” In today’s message Zach Brown talks about the first love, and what is this first love that the church in Revelation chapter two has lost? How do we lose it? How do we rediscover it? Give a listen to find out!

  • The Long Haul

    “Embrace the slow work of God in your life.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about reaping the harvest at the right time through the slow work of God. Remember to focus on Him, not just on what He’s doing.

  • Building a Biblical Worldview in 2022 (Part 11)

    “Even though Jesus was aware of God all the time, He would go off to be alone with God all the time.” In part eleven of the Building a Biblical Worldview in 2022 series Mark Vanderwier talks about thinking Christianly in our pursuit of Christ and making time for God’s manifest presence.

  • R.O.G.O.

    “I think the delight in [God] comes from the reliance in Him.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about learning to rely on God only, and delighting in His grace.

  • Got Faith?

    “If your race was to end today, how did you finish?” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier tackles the answer to the question “what is faith?”. Mark expands this response diving into how we can be found faithful when we reach the finish line to our race.

  • Vision of the Son of Man

    “When we have a correct view of Jesus and who He is and what He’s done it will effect every aspect of our life.” Zach Brown is in the house again today! Wooohooo! Zach shares about turning up the heat in our lives and knocking on THE door to allowing the light of Jesus into our lives. Buckle up and give this awesome message a listen.

  • Finding Christ and Community (Part 2)

    “You want to find Christ centred community? It simply starts like this – begin pursuing Christ.” In part two of this message on the new vision for Kingsway “Helping People Find Christ and Community” Mark Vanderwier examines how we go about discovering and pursuing community.

  • Finding Christ and Community (Part 1)

    “Finding Christ is the most important thing in this life. Period.” In this message Mark Vanderwier shares about why do we do all that we do at Kingsway. In answering this question Mark shares the new vision for our church – Helping people find Christ and Community.

  • The Most Dangerous Prayer I Ever Prayed

    “I was driven to [God] to the point that He was all that I had, but He was all that I needed.” We were incredibly blessed to have Zach Brown back to talk with us this weekend. Zach shared his testimony of how he found the secret treasures hidden in the darkness through cultivating a life of surrender to the Lord. Do you have a burden on your back? Do you need rest? Would you like to have your foundation laid on the Rock that won’t move? Listen and find out more about the best thing you could ever do.

  • Linger Longer (Part 4)

    Where you linger longer, you’ll long to linger – until the boom. In part four of the Treasure Hunting series Mark Vanderwier looks at what we can learn from the turkeys and treasure hunters found in the Bible. Mark also talks about the importance of practicing solitude and finding a place where you can be present with Him.