• Here I Stand: Line in the Sand (Part 5)

    “I am less interested in my rights as a Canadian citizen than I am in my responsibilities as a citizen of Heaven.” In part five of the Here I Stand series Gary Watson looks at the examples found in the book of Daniel and what happened when they drew a line in the sand and resolved not to compromise. When man’s law comes up against God’s law who will you choose to make a stand for? Visit THIS LINK and sign the petition to Free Pator James Coates.

  • Here I Stand: FREEDOM (Part 4)

    “You are free to do good!” In part four of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about taking a stand for the freedom of the good news of Christ above all else. We all want freedom, but are you willing to pay the price that is required to stand for freedom? Visit THIS LINK and sign the petition to Free Pator James Coates.

  • How’s Your Love Life?

    “You don’t have to feel in love to act lovingly.” Do you know that you’re loved by God? Today Mark Vanderwier talks about the One known as Love and the different kind of love that Christian’s are to demonstrate to the world around us. You’re loved! So love!

  • Position to Listen

    “We need to be able to hear [God’s] voice because you may not always be able to hear mine.” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about how we listen to the one thing in our lives that we actually need – God’s voice. Are you actually listening to hear His voice? Check out this YouVersion Devotional that Mark mentions in today’s message: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

  • Hearing God’s Voice

    “We live in a time when the Holy Spirit within us rises up and gives us the voice of God for direction and for purpose in our lives.”. We were blessed to have Brenda Drost back with us today (virtually) to share a very practical message about the “why” and “how” of hearing God’s voice for ourselves. Connect with Brenda on Instagram at @brenda_drost, on Facebook at @brendadrost.speaker, or at her website brendadrost.com. You can also find her on Right Now Media.

  • Here I Stand: Light the Wick (Part 3)

    “Let’s light ourselves on fire, with good news and with good deed. So that the world can watch us burn, and find the one they need.” In part three of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about lighting the wick and letting our light shine in our dark world today. Have you allowed your light to be hidden? Give a listen and be encouraged!

  • Here I Stand: Good & Angry (Part 2)

    “Get good and angry, but stay good when you’re angry.” In part two of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about avoiding the stew and wrath that sometimes follow anger. Have you ever been really angry and regretted it later? Give this message a listen and find out what to do when you’re feeling that way.

  • Here I Stand: In Their Shoes (Part 1)

    “It’s not a stand of what we’re against. It’s a stand for Christ, and it’s a stand for His good news.” Today we started a new series called Here I Stand. In part one Mark Vanderwier reminds us about the benefits of taking time to walk in someone else’s shoes. Give a listen and think about who needs you to walk in their shoes today?

  • Lockdown Living

    “I love our church family more than our government does.” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about the absence of touch, monitoring the relationships in our lives, monitoring the information that is coming in, and ultimately monitoring what is coming back out as a result. If you or someone you know is in need today, please reach out to us (or reach out to them). Email mark@kingswaychurch.ca

  • New Year / No Fear

    “When the lights come on, we find out that our fears were unwarranted.” In today’s message our “fearless leader” Mark Vanderwier talks all about fear, making decisions with logic and wisdom, and what life is like for those who fear the Lord. We also wanted to give you a quick update and a big thank you! The family Mark mentioned in this message ended up only needing a new washing machine. It was generously paid in full within minutes of this service airing by a number of caring people from our Kingsway family! Thanks for being the church!

  • Carriers of Joy

    “Joy is not happiness… true joy is this inner gladness and inner strength regardless of outward circumstance or situation.”  In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about the true, historical, story of good news of great joy (to the world) found in the Bible.  We do not have to live in fear.  You do not have to live in fear!  Have a listen and find the source of joy that never runs out, never gives up, never grows tired, and never lets you down today.

  • Super Spreaders of Hope

    “A constant diet of bad news erodes at something we need desperately, and it’s this word called hope.” Today Mark Vanderwier looks at the thrill of hope promised, presented, paid for, proved, and now proclaimed in and through Jesus. There is freedom for you today through this hope. Will you join us in becoming super spreaders of this hope?