• The Next Step: Obey (Part 2)

    “As much help as it would have been to have an advocate standing next to you. Imagine if your advocate was actually a part of you.” Gary Watson is back today continuing his Follow, Believe, Obey series from 2020. In this message Gary talks about a better way to live, transformed and committed to someone – Holy Spirit.

  • Foundation: More Than a Habit (Part 5)

    “Each part plays a part, if they’re prepared.” In part five of the Foundation series Mark Vanderwier discusses the four things the early church was devoted to. In regard to these things, Mark challenges us to find out what we can prepare and bring to the rest of the gathering.

  • Foundation: Who’s Who in the Crew Around You? (Part 4)

    “Who are you helping on their journey for their benefit only.” In part four of the Foundation series Mark Vanderwier looks at four types of relationships that make disciples or disciple us and fulfill a God given purpose.

  • Foundation: What’s in Your Lunchbox (Part 3)

    “Every part plays a part but where do I start?” In this message Mark Vanderwier crunches the numbers in the account of Jesus feeding 5000+ people from a single meal. WE + JESUS ≠ WE. Okay, math is hard, we get it. Give this message a listen and find why it doesn’t take much to have a huge impact when it’s in God’s hands.

  • Foundation: Enduring Faith (Part 2)

    “We have a temptation when we notice the cracks in our foundation to do nothing and hope it goes away.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about building a foundation that endures the heaviest storms of life and will result in a faith that grows. If you’re facing a storm today don’t throw in the towel. Give this message a listen and find out more about the hope, trust, and endurance found only in Jesus.

  • Foundation Inspection

    “There is a clear distinction between those who say and those who do.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier reminds us to regularly inspect the foundation of our lives because storms are coming. What are you building your life on right now?

  • Each Part Plays a Part:We Need More Cowbell!

    “We know that you’re essential to the church.” Today Mark Vanderwier challenges us not to let church become a spectator event you attend. Would you play the part you’ve been uniquely designed by God to do? Share your gifts and story with those around you. What is God putting on your heart to do?

  • Will History Repeat Itself?

    “Have we allowed ourselves to get comfortable with the new normal of church?” Today Mark Vanderwier challenges us not to get comfortable with online church. Mark warns us of a few big lies the enemy wants us to believe about ourselves. He also examines the example set by the early church; noting that despite heavy persecution, it not only survived – it thrived.

  • The Right Use of Knowledge

    “You need to have the knowledge in order to use wisdom.” All over the scriptures God reminds people not to look at our situations from a human perspective. How do we look at things through God’s perspective instead of our own? I’m glad you asked because that is exactly what Mark Vanderwier talks about today.

  • Worth Fighting For? (Round 2)

    “Often times if you fix your attention on God it is going to be counter to what the culture is doing.” Today Mark Vanderwier gives another heart to heart talk discussing true virtue, living in a culture of fear, uniting around Jesus, and reminding us to respond to what we feel Holy Spirit’s desire for us is to do. There is hope!

  • Worth Fighting For?

    “There is purpose and hope because God knows you; He cares about you!” Today Mark Vanderwier gives a heart to heart talk about what is worth fighting for in our culture today. Mark challenges us to reflect before we react and encourages us with the hope, purpose and joy we can all have in Jesus. God loves you! He cares about you! If you need ANY help today please reach out to Him. We would LOVE to HELP YOU in any way we can! Fill out the form HERE and let us know how we can help with anything.

  • Live Not By Lies

    “I wonder how many people are living a lie right now, but it’s subconscious; they don’t even realized that they’re living a lie?” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about the steps we can take to be vigilant and ensure our beliefs and actions are based on truth. Are you living your life in light of real truth?