• Resurrecting Belief

    “Being labelled a sinner is something nobody wants, but it’s actually necessary for us to have a restored relationship with our Saviour.” Today we celebrate our risen Saviour on this Easter weekend. Gary Watson joins us today to talk about the unreserved forgiveness freely offered to us through Jesus. Gary also takes a look at the wild impact Jesus’ resurrection had on the early church.

  • Prepared to Share

    “You trust [in] the gospel…not to become like Christians, [but] to become like Christ.” A lot of Christians today don’t understand the Good News. Today Mark Vanderwier talks about justification, sanctification, glorification, and living as a saint because of what Christ has done for you. Do you know if you are good with God and are you ready to share this Good News with those around you?

  • Rest in Peace

    “Sometimes we miss what Jesus really came [to this earth] to do.” Today Mark Vanderwier reminds us of one of Jesus’ most important tasks and examines the question “can we truly just rest in peace while we’re still alive on this planet?” Have a listen and remember when we draw a line, God draws a totally different line.

  • A Thanksgiving Feast

    “It’s easy to judge others when you forget where you came from.” Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize your gratitude level needs to go up? Today Mark Vanderwier reminds us to remember what Jesus did for us; what God did for us. Mark challenges us not to forget how much sin sucks, and to show gratitude to the One who went to the cross for you and for me.

  • Hidden Treasure

    “[Jesus] wants [His] word in you, not in your hand or under your bed…in you.” We live in a time where censorship of God’s Word could be foreseeable on the horizon. Today Mark Vanderwier talks about what we do with the things we value and avoiding regrets with the aid of God’s Word. Will you chose to value the Word of God enough to memorize it?

  • Here I Stand: Line in the Sand (Part 5)

    “I am less interested in my rights as a Canadian citizen than I am in my responsibilities as a citizen of Heaven.” In part five of the Here I Stand series Gary Watson looks at the examples found in the book of Daniel and what happened when they drew a line in the sand and resolved not to compromise. When man’s law comes up against God’s law who will you choose to make a stand for? Visit THIS LINK and sign the petition to Free Pator James Coates.

  • Here I Stand: FREEDOM (Part 4)

    “You are free to do good!” In part four of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about taking a stand for the freedom of the good news of Christ above all else. We all want freedom, but are you willing to pay the price that is required to stand for freedom? Visit THIS LINK and sign the petition to Free Pator James Coates.

  • How’s Your Love Life?

    “You don’t have to feel in love to act lovingly.” Do you know that you’re loved by God? Today Mark Vanderwier talks about the One known as Love and the different kind of love that Christian’s are to demonstrate to the world around us. You’re loved! So love!

  • Position to Listen

    “We need to be able to hear [God’s] voice because you may not always be able to hear mine.” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about how we listen to the one thing in our lives that we actually need – God’s voice. Are you actually listening to hear His voice? Check out this YouVersion Devotional that Mark mentions in today’s message: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

  • Hearing God’s Voice

    “We live in a time when the Holy Spirit within us rises up and gives us the voice of God for direction and for purpose in our lives.”. We were blessed to have Brenda Drost back with us today (virtually) to share a very practical message about the “why” and “how” of hearing God’s voice for ourselves. Connect with Brenda on Instagram at @brenda_drost, on Facebook at @brendadrost.speaker, or at her website brendadrost.com. You can also find her on Right Now Media.

  • Here I Stand: Light the Wick (Part 3)

    “Let’s light ourselves on fire, with good news and with good deed. So that the world can watch us burn, and find the one they need.” In part three of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about lighting the wick and letting our light shine in our dark world today. Have you allowed your light to be hidden? Give a listen and be encouraged!

  • Here I Stand: Good & Angry (Part 2)

    “Get good and angry, but stay good when you’re angry.” In part two of the Here I Stand series Mark Vanderwier talks about avoiding the stew and wrath that sometimes follow anger. Have you ever been really angry and regretted it later? Give this message a listen and find out what to do when you’re feeling that way.