setlist builder

As far as building a worship setlist their is no ultimate formula for success.
But we do have some guide lines we try and follow for our Kingsway Services.

The only design that we have in the Bible regarding this is:

1. Enter the gates with Thanksgiving. (Praise)
2. Come to the altar. (Sacrifice)
3. Enter the Holy place. (Worship)

Breaking this down in terms of songs:
1. Praise – songs about God. (who He is & what He’s done)
2. Sacrifice – songs about the Cross.
3. Worship – songs TO God. (or me To God)

Since we usually do 4-5 song set-lists, we can break them down as follows:

2 Upbeat Praise Songs.
1 Transitional Song (and/or Sacrifice).
1 or 2 Worship Songs.

We always try to start our services with an upbeat song.
We think of Church as a family reunion.
So we’re excited to be together ready to worship God.

To help make this even simpler, check out Kingsway’s current songbook where we have already organized all our songs currently being used into their appropriate categories.