Building Family Connections

  • 6-week series for parents / adults
  • Tuesdays @ 7pm
  • Beginning October 27th
  • Space is limited – sign up today.

  The Hyper Sexualized Culture is negatively influencing all kids to experiment sexually.  Early sexual activity has negative life-long consequences.  The most effective agent of influence on a child’s sexual decisions is an informed and engaged parent, but many parents feel ill-equipped.

  This 6-week series called “Building Family Connections” provides parenting adults with background and resources to begin the life-long discussion about sexuality and healthy relationships.  It will also introduce parents to the “Heritage Keepers” program which we plan to start in early 2021.

“Sex is too important to God to leave up to Culture and Schools.”

Watch the promo video below to learn more about these programs and visit Peace Ontario to learn more about the organization.

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