• Jonah: The Unwilling Messenger

    “You can run from God, but you can’t outrun God.” Have ever tried to run away from God? In today’s message Gary Watson takes an interesting look at how God responds to arguably the most famous runaway found in the Bible.

  • I Am: Two Questions (Part 3)

    “Don’t wait ’til you know enough, you just need to know Him. And if you don’t know Him that’s the question you should be asking ‘Who are You, Lord? Who are You?'” God wants to be known by His people, people like you – regardless of how long you’ve been a believer. In part three of the I Am series Mark Vanderwier talks about emptying and filling your cup and the two questions you can ask God to help you do this.

  • I Am: Holy (Part 2)

    “Truth doesn’t care whether it’s popular or not, it’s just truth.” God wants to be known by His people, people like you – regardless of how long you’ve been a believer. In part two of the I Am series Mark Vanderwier talks about the Consuming Fire and the holiness of God.

  • I Am: Light (Part 1)

    “You have no ability to obey what He’s calling you to do unless you know who He is.” God wants to be known by His people, people like you. In part one of the new I Am series Mark Vanderwier talks about the revelation and illumination of knowing the character and mysteries of God.

  • Relationship Reset

    “I know they hurt you, but if you don’t forgive you’re the one hurting you now.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about releasing a debt; what happens to us when we get even; the response and responsibility; and trusting that God will do what He says he will.

  • Running to Win

    “He doesn’t give you all the steps, He’ll give you the next one.” In today’s tag-team match Mark Vanderwier talks about running the race and discovering the truth for yourself. Then Jackie Constable leads us in a practical lightning study on the same topic. Be sure to download the PDF below and follow along with Jackie. DOWNLOAD THE LIGHTNING – RUNNING TO WIN PDF HERE

  • Missing the Mark

    “To hide from God’s presence is the instinct of guilt, and the converse of that is to seek His face. “ Zach Brown looks at the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis three and the first instance of people missing the mark. How do we hit the target? Give a listen and find out.

  • Of Rabbits and Resurrections

    “Don’t try and fix your life you never will. You never will be able to fix this problem. It’s simply saying just to surrender and say “Jesus, I want what You’re offering”.” For many people Easter is about one of two things: a legendary chocolate egg-laying bunny or a man who died for the sins of all people and then rose from the dead. Today Mark Vanderwier talks about one of these things and the Good News of the living water that overflows to the point that nothing else can ever dilute or pollute it.

  • Good Friday: Ready or Not (Full Service)

    “We know the story…the familiarity with it for us allows us to forget what it’s really all about. This is the greatest story ever told.” Join us today for our full Good Friday service where we sing, learn, and remember the highest price that Jesus paid for us in full.

  • If I Had Been There

    “If you had been there, and you were you, how would you honestly respond?” Mark Vanderwier looks at the gospel accounts of Jesus entering Jerusalem and how different people responded to the events that followed. What do you think you would have done?

  • The Point is to Point to the Point

    “Every story whispers His name.” What things around us point to Christ? Mark Vanderwier speaks about five things that point us to Jesus because the point is to point to the Point!

  • Let My People Grow

    “A spiritual condition needs a spiritual physician.” Zach Brown looks at the the example of the Israelites in the book of Exodus on how we can draw near to the Lord during the storms of life.