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Some web browsers do not support Spotify streaming and will only preview 30 seconds of each song. (Ex. Safari isn’t supported, but Google Chrome is). The best way to listen to Spotify is with the Spotify app. A free Spotify account is pretty great and contains far less ads than you’ll hear on the radio, however, you’ll only be able to listen to songs on random. Spotify might suggest and play related songs to what you’re listening to.


We’re often asked “what’s that song?” after our services. These playlists contain all the songs we sing in our regular services at Kingsway. We really love to make a joyful noise TOGETHER! Use these playlists to familiarize yourself with the songs we sing. It’s a great way to make the newer songs feel less new.

If you’re looking for just the absolute newest songs we’re doing at Kingsway they can be found HERE.

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