Examining the Gospel from Every Angle

    The gospel Paul preached, justification by faith alone, was under siege. While many directly opposed this gospel, others twisted it to suit their own preferences. Some said salvation might be by grace but the believer is “kept” by the law. They insisted that circumcision was necessary for salvation. Others taught that you could be saved by grace and still live any way you wanted – even continue in sin. Only a clear explanation of the gospel could refute such errors. Eager to prove the gospel’s power to save and sanctify both Jew and Gentile, Paul, like a wise lawyer, calls the gospel to the witness stand and examines it from every angle. The result is the book of Romans, considered a theological masterpiece, written around A.D. 56 or 57.

    Tuesdays, 7pm @ Kingsway
    January 29 to October 29, 2019
    (4 parts in total)
    Co-ed Ages 16+
    Facilitators: Jackie Constable and Nate Hawkins
    FREE Childcare Available

    7:00-8pm: Discussion
    8:15-9pm: DVD with Wayne Barber (Optional)

    Two Study Guide Choices:
    1. Precept Upon Precept (PUP) – 3-5 hours weekly time in the Word ($33)**
    2. In & Out – Roughly 1-3 hours weekly time in the Word ($26)**

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**This study of Romans is divided into four parts:
Part 1 – covers chapters 1-5, runs January 29 – May 7, Guides: PUP ($33) / In & Out ($26)
Part 2 – covers chapters 6-8, runs May 14 – July 9, Guides: PUP ($22) / In & Out ($17)
Part 3 – covers chapters 9-11, runs July 16 – September 3, Guides: PUP ($19) / In & Out ($15)
Part 4 – covers chapters 12-16, runs September 10 – October 29, Guides: PUP ($19) / In & Out ($15)

At the orientation on January 29, you will only need to purchase the workbook for Part 1.
Future workbooks will be distributed closer to their respective dates.