July 18th Baptism Service

Who’s pumped to get together and celebrate another baptism this Sunday?
We are! And we hope you are too!

The service is at 9:30am and there’s no need to book seats ahead of time but don’t forget to bring your own lawn chairs, sun shade, and maybe your shades too! We will be providing coffee, water and drinks. The north driveway will be blocked off again, so use the main entrance and try not to drive into the wagon. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re going to provide a printout of the song lyrics this time around to make singing along with us easier, but if you’d prefer to print your own copy ahead of time they are available at kingswaychurch.ca/lyrics.

If you we’re at the last baptism service then you know it’s never too late to decide to be baptized. If you’re interested in being baptized please talk to Mark Vanderwier.

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