King’s Kids (February 21)


Read “God Sens Help” found on page 327 in the Jesus Storybook Bible with your children. Use the conversation starters below to talk with your children about who Holy Spirit is and what He does.

Recap from last week’s story: Jesus had given His disciples a special job. He asked them to go and tell people everywhere that Jesus loved them so much He died for them. Then Jesus rose up and went up to heaven but before He did that Jesus told the disciples that “Even though you won’t be able to see Me anymore, I will never leave you. Not ever. I will be with you always and forever”.

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  • Why were the disciples hiding?
  • What was the special present Jesus sent to the disciples?
  • Can you see the wind? Even though you cant see the wind you know its there. How?
  • The disciples heard Holy Spirit in the wind, saw it rustling the straw, saw it when the flickering flame appeared above their heads and then felt it in their hearts. Whose voice did they hear when the Holy Spirit came into their hearts? What did it say?
  • How were the disciples different after the Holy Spirit was in their hearts?
  • Have you ever heard someone speak in another language? How many languages do you think there are in the world? How did the disciples understand and talk in all the languages of all the people?

Just like the disciples we can have the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Of course, we don’t have flames above our heads but when we become Jesus followers we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. He comes to live in our hearts and helps us in many ways. The Holy Spirit comforts, teaches, helps us grow in our relationship with God and gives us strength to get rid of the bad habits in our lives.  He also gives us power and helps us know when we’ve done something wrong. 


Craft: Pinwheels

Object Lesson: Gift Box

Fill a gift box with: a paper heart, the bible, a picture or drawing of your family, a flashlight with working batteries, a flashlight without batteries.

Show ‘the gift box. We all love to receive gifts! Inside this box are gifts that God gives to everyone who believes in and obeys the Lord Jesus. Ask your children to come and take one thing from the gift box. After each child has taken an item discuss the gift that God has given to believers. Keep the flashlights for last.

    • Heart – God gives us his heart. He loves us
    • Bible – God gives us His Word. In the Bible we can find out what God is like. We can learn about His promises and instructions. With the truth of God’s Word, we can fight the devil’s lies.
    • Family picture/drawing– God gives us families so we can pray together and help each other.
  • Flashlight- (Have children who chose the flashlights stand together. Have them turn on the flashlights.) Talk about why one came on and the other did not. Let the children open the flashlight and discover the batteries and the empty flashlight. The flashlight with batteries reminds us of another very important gift that God has given to believers. When we become Jesus followers God gives us the special gift of the Holy Spirit. He comes to live in our hearts and gives each of us extra power to live a life that pleases God. Without the Holy Spirit, we are like a flashlight with no batteries!

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