King’s Kids (May 9)


Read “The Girl No One Wanted” on page 70 of the Jesus Storybook Bible with your children. Use the conversation Starters below to discuss how God chooses those whom others would not choose.

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  • Describe a time or situation when you have felt like the odd man out? When you didn’t feel like you belong or felt unloved?
  • Do you ever compare yourself to others? How does it usually make you feel?
  • How do you think Leah felt when she knew that Jacob loved Rachel best?
  • Why do you think God chose Leah to be the great- and a whole bunch more greats- grandmother of Jesus?
  • How did God look at Leah?
  • How did Leah feel about herself knowing that God loved her?

God was intentional in the way he made us and he’s just as intentional about the plan he has for our lives.

For all you Moms and Grandmas out there: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Remember……. even when it feels like NO ONE ELSE cares, GOD cares. This is the ministry God has given to you – to raise up these children, and influence them for His kingdom, and to do everything you do – the wiping of butts, the dishes, the folding laundry, the numbing hours of reading the same book over and over and over – to His glory (Colossians 3:23) God wants you to know what kind of LOVE He has for you. That He has amazing things for you to do, even in the simplest of things.


Object Lesson: Rachel and Leah

Craft: Mothers Day Card

Use odds and ends, things that don’t seem to have much purpose around your house, (loose buttons, pieces of scrap paper, bits of ribbons, old magazines- to cut out letters and pictures- pieces of fabric etc.) to make a card for your mom telling her how special she is to you.  While your making your card think about how all the stuff you chose  did not seem very useful anymore, but when you took  each item and put it together, you made a beautiful card for your mom on her special day. She will treasure your masterpiece…..kind of like how God treasures you….His masterpiece.

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