Opening the Windows of Blessing (Bible Study Service)


Opening the Windows of Blessing

Losing heart can be easy when we don’t see the immediate fulfillment of God’s promises. Discouragement, complacency, and apathy can set in. These were the problems God’s people faced as they returned from the exile. But in the midst of their struggles, God sent three prophets (Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi) to remind His people that blessing comes as the result of obedience. In this inductive study of the three “restoration prophets” of Israel, you will discover for yourself how to renew your hope and bolster your confidence in God as you are challenged to deeper levels of obedience. And you will be reminded of God’s desire to open the windows of blessing into your life!

(This study is ideal for students new to inductive Bible study … learning how to discover truth for yourself)

Men & Women (ages 18+)
Beginning Saturday February 6th @ Kingsway
Facilitator: Jackie Constable
Cost of study guide ($12)

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