Incase you missed it, or just want to have another listen; here is Ashley Cunningham’s touching song “You Belong To Me” from the TOUCHDOWN JESUS testimony services. The song is written from God to us; an amazing and inspiring song full of hope.

I’m going to fix you; Only I can fix you,
Restore what’s lost, then fill you up even more.
Parts of you are broken, and you don’t even know it,
If you let Me in I’ll fix all those parts too.

First I’ll wash you white as snow, Warm that heart that’s grown so cold,
Then I’ll wrap you in My Grace, so true
Teach you to use it, On those Who hurt you.

Your story isn’t over, Far from being over,
I’ve a plan that I’ve created just for you, My love.
I have places to take you, So much to give you,
The ending of your story is eternity with Me .

I will wipe every single tear, I will banish every single fear,
When people ask how you got so brave
You will say You gave your heart away
To the only OneWho can promise that He’ll keep it safe.

I’m going to move you, Lift you up and move you,
You’ll stand much stronger than you ever have before, My love.
I’ve begun a renovation, An entire transformation,
I’ve begun to pick the broken pieces off the floor.

But when I put the pieces back, I won’t tightly seal the cracks,
So when that light inside you shines again,
All will see, A masterpiece,
Healed and Redeemed, And that you belong to Me.

You are Mine, My masterpiece
Healed and redeemed, Yes, you belong to Me.

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