Guest Speaker

Richard has been speaking on the creation/evolution issue since 1994 and involved with a creation oriented ministry in Canada since 1996. The Canadian CMI office began as a room in his home in late 1998. As a speaker, he is known for his easy-to understand scientific presentations.

Richard grew up in a Christian home but by high school he had many unanswered questions about creation, Genesis and the accuracy of the Bible that greatly hindered his spiritual growth. This began to change in early 1994 after he attended a creation seminar by Dr Carl Wieland (CEO of Creation Ministries International-Australia) and subscribed to Creation magazine.

Richard’s professional training is in electronics. He has had the privilege of working on some of the most technologically advanced communication satellite systems at Com Dev, a world leader in this field. Shortly before joining creation ministry full-time in 1999, he worked at Raytheon Canada and was involved in the early testing phases of the first all digital radar system.

His hobbies include skydiving (8 times) and hang gliding (nearly 300 flights!).

Richard is married and lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife and children.