This is Love… Walk in It (Coed Inductive Bible Study)


    This is Love… Walk in it

    An Inductive Study of 2 John and Philemon

    Getting along with some people can be tough.  How can we maintain a passionate love for God and for other people? What does authentic love look like in the church and in the workplace? How can we mend relationships with people who have hurt us (or people we have hurt)?

    Through the short letters of 2 John and Philemon, we will learn about God’s amazing love and the secrets of nurturing vital, real relationships with God and with the people He brings into our lives.

    COED Bible Study Class
    Thursday afternoons, 1:00-2:30pm
    @ Jesse & Jenn Strobosser’s home near Jarvis
    Beginning September 14 (8 Week Study)
    FREE: No workbook required.
    Using Precept’s inductive method, we will study 2 John and Philemon together.

    For more information talk to Jackie Constable

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