• Will You Sing?

    “They didn’t wait until all their chains fell off before they started to sing.” The world around us seems pretty dark lately. Today Mark Vanderwier encourages us by looking at the historical account of Paul and Silas from the sixteenth chapter of the book of Acts. What will you do in tough moments like these men? Will you sing?

  • The Battle for Control

    “What we need is not about an external change, it’s about an internal relationship. “ Self control is not easy. Today Mark Vanderwier talks about the first steps to self control and they might not be what you think they are.

  • David vs Saul

    “What God wants for us often seems irrelevant when we’re alone, abandoned, or afraid. These three conditions cause us to loose focus on what God would want use to do, and how He would want us to live.” Continuing from his David vs Goliath message on March 7th Gary Watson looks at the complex relationship of David and Saul. There was also an interactive survey for those who were watching live.

  • My Future Family: Not So Great Expectations (Part 6)

    “When you’re sick do you wait until you feel better before going to see that doctor?” In part six of the My Future Family series Mark Vanderwier talks about what to do about the unmet, unrealistic, unspoken expectations we can have that lead to disappointment.

  • My Future Family: Love Not Like (Part 5)

    “Love really is a verb, it’s not a feeling you have. It’s an action. It’s something that you have but it affects something that you do.” Coming back to our My Future Family series. Mark Vanderwier talks about pursuing love and the best way to live right now. What does love require of me? What will your response be?

  • The Answer to Everything

    “How many more love stories are waiting to be written?” Today we were blessed to hear Penny and Paul’s amazing story. Thank you Penny for sharing this power testimony with us! Then Mark Vanderwier talks about what to do when you feel like life is squeezing you to death.

  • Hold on to Gratitude

    “Gratitude strengthens you in the journey.” Mark Vanderwier talks about coming out of the COVID-19 quarantine stronger than when we went in. Mark examines the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers and challenges us to not focus on what we’re losing but what He’s done for us.

  • Easter for Real People

    “Jesus isn’t pointing the finger, He’s reaching out His had to you this morning… because He came for you.” Mark Vanderwier talks about bad news, fake news, good news, and the GOOD NEWS story of Easter. Mark examines the real stories of real people that were impacted in Jesus day and what it means for people in the present day. Jesus came for real people.

  • Media

    God in a Box

  • COVID: The Good

    “God’s not in love with His rules, He’s in love with people and don’t ever mess those things up.” Everywhere we look lately everyone is talking about COVID-19. Mark encourages us to remember there are people all around us where life has happened to them and they still need love, hope, forgiveness, encouragement, help and compassion. Don’t look for loopholes in Jesus’ commands – just love people.

  • My Response

    “There’s no fear of death when there’s peace with God.” Mark talks about some of the major difficulties those from the past have faced and the different responses people have chosen. Mark challenges us to leave the broken path behind to find and be found by God. If your are in need today please reach out us or someone around you.

  • I Will Look Up

    “Worry is where the fear gets unleashed in your mind.” Today we took a break from the My Future Family series to talk about worry, trust and the fears that waste our time. Mark challenges us to think about where we are looking when we worry because it doesn’t change the destination. Fix your thoughts on things that are true – you are never alone.