• David vs Goliath

    “We place our hope in what we depend on. We place our hope in who we depend on.” As you might have guessed from the title, today Gary Watson takes us into an in depth look at the battle between David and Goliath. Gary talks about who David placed his hope in and the the impact it had. Who do you depend on? Where do you place your hope? Are your problems to great for God?

  • My Future Family: The Angry Gaps (Part 4)

    “When you win at family conflict you don’t actually win at anything.” In part four of the My Future Family series. Mark Vanderwier talks about the cause of all the conflict in our lives and the one question we could ask ourselves that can help.

  • My Future Family: Sit a Little Closer (Part 3)

    “Our connection to Christ should affect the relationships around us.” Today is part three of the My Future Family series. Mark Vanderwier talks about the distances in our most important relationships and one thing all of us can focus on today that could help. What are you going to do with what you’ve heard?

  • My Future Family: Before You Fall (Part 2)

    “The idea of following Jesus means I have to unfollow pride.” In part two of the My Future Family series Mark Vanderwier looks at the one thing that prevents us from working on ourselves to change the relationships around us – pride. Love is not proud. What do you want your relationships of the future to look like?

  • My Future Family: Look at Me (Part 1)

    “The only ingredient that we can change in any [relationship] is us.” Today we started a new series called My Future Family. In part one Mark Vanderwier challenges us to spend more time fighting for our relationships. Step one – focus on you because you can’t change anyone else and the seeds you sow now are already growing.

  • Armour Up: What DO I DO Now? (Part 9)

    “Bad thoughts bad thoughts, whatchya gonna do, whatchya gonna do when I come for you?” In the ninth and final part of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier takes a look back at each of the pieces in the Armour of God. What lies are you believing today? It’s time to Armour Up with truth and prepare for the next battle. Don’t be like the wart hog. From now on, put that on!

  • Armour Up: More Than Magic (Part 8)

    “We have an enemy that doesn’t wait for you to be ready to attack.” In part eight of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier examines Jesus’ example of standing firm in the wilderness. Mark looks at the Greek words “logos” and “rhema” – the well and bucket, challenging us to prepare for battle now so we will be left standing in the end. Are you prepared today?

  • Armour Up: From Now On… Put That On (Part 7)

    “If it doesn’t really have eternal significance, does it really matter at all?” In part seven of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier talks about the helmet of salvation, knowing the One who has the power to save, the three ways we have been freed from sin, and having an eternal significance. Have you put on salvation?

  • Armour Up: Trust Like Mustard (Part 6)

    “Do you have faith, or do you not? You don’t need a lot, but you do need to have it.” In part six of the Armour Up series Mark Vanderwier talks about the simplicity of the shield of faith and the overcomplicated and confusing ways it has been misunderstood. Do you have faith? Are you using faith in the way it is meant to be used for? Are you living with a confident trust in the Lord?

  • Armour Up: Standing or Slipping? (Part 5)

    “Good deeds and religion might make you feel good, but they don’t make you good.” Today we returned to the Armour Up series. In part five Mark Vanderwier talks about trading muddy boots for new shoes to stand firm in the battle. What are we building our lives on really? What will you do today to intentionally be the one left standing?

  • The Experiment: Light Up Your World

    “No painter goes into his painting, no sculptor goes into his sculpture, but He did.” Tonight Mark Vanderwier talks about the Light of the world that is reaching out for you. The Experiment and challenge is to look for opportunities to shine this light wherever you are. Do not put the light away.

  • Advent: Do You See What I See? (Part 3)

    “Their response is not your responsibility…giving them an opportunity to respond is.” In part three of the Advent series Mark Vanderwier looks at the harvest Jesus found in Samaria and reminds us we need to be sharing the gospel to give people the choice of responding to it for themselves. What is you life really pointing to?