• Shhhhh (Part 3)

    We’re not trying to do something or to make something happen, we’re just getting used to being with Him. In part three of the Treasure Hunting series Mark Vanderwier shares his testimony of acquiring a taste for silence in His pursuit of creating opportunity to know and be known by the Lord.

  • The Great Refresh (Part 2)

    Even God doesn’t need to rest and yet He rests. In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about something many people are too afraid to do, God Himself didn’t need to do, and yet even He did. We’re talking about rest. So slow down a little bit and listen to some practical tips on sabbath delight.

  • Treasure Hunting (Part 1)

    “May that be the story of my life – I’m not pleasing men, but living to please my Heavenly Father.” This weekend we are happy to welcome back Mark Vanderwier from sabbatical! In this message Mark talks about following Jesus’ example in learning to disappoint people, and not giving up the hunt for the only treasure worth pursuing, and worth finding.

  • The Jonah in Us

    “The more I ran from God, the more I ran into God.” Can you think of a time in your life when God has asked you to do something that you chose not to do? Jonah sure could. This weekend we were excited to have Ken McDonald lead us in worship and also share this wonderful message on the four key things we can learn from the story of Jonah.

  • Losing My Religion: Stay Lost (Part 5)

    “Spiritual maturity is not about your strength, it’s about your dependancy on God.” In the fifth and final part of the Losing My Religion series Gary Watson shifts gears into application; examining three things we can do to create optimal conditions for Holy Spirit to guide us in all circumstances. Remember, if you lose your religion make sure it stays lost.

  • Losing My Religion: I Want It That Way (Part 4)

    “Choose your master… and then get on with it.” In part four of the Losing My Religion series Gary Watson looks at chapter five of Paul’s letter to the Galatian believers and where choosing to walk with the Holy Spirit will take you.

  • Losing My Religion: First Steps (Part 3)

    “There’s only been one perfect person on this planet and news flash – it’s not me and it’s not you.” In part three of the Losing My Religion series Gary Watson tackles the question “what does it mean to walk in step with the Holy Spirit?” Remember, no matter how good you get at following rules you can not fulfill God’s law on your own.

  • Losing My Religion: Come Full Circle (Part 2)

    “The christian life is best defined not as Christ like, but rather as Christ centred.” Do you know what part of your human existence is unchanged by God? In part two of the Losing My Religion series Gary Watson talks about rules, rituals, routines, relationships, and the new system that leads us to a place of no condemnation.

  • Losing My Religion: Paradise Lost (Part 1)

    “Religion is all about do, being a Jesus follower is about what has been done.” Today we’re beginning a new series looking at what Paul meant we he said there is “no condemnation” for those in Christ. In part one Gary Watson talks about relationships based on performance and what we can do (and not do) to maintain a right relationship with God.

  • The Value of Christ

    “The only thing we can acquire here and take with us into eternity is that free gift of salvation.” What do we value? What do we strive after? What do we hope in? What do we dream in life? We were incredibly blessed to have Zach Brown back this weekend talking about cracked cisterns, eternal possessions, and the two possible things God will say to us when we meet Him face to face.

  • One Last Thing

    “Pretty good is like being the cleanest piece of toilet paper in the septic tank.” As you might already know Mark Vanderwier is preparing to take a sabbatical leave for the summer. He will be back in September. Today’s talk is humble response to Mark asking himself what he would share if this was his final opportunity to talk with us.

  • What Race are You Running?

    “Following Christ is not convenient.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier takes us out for a day at the races. Mark talks about running the race God has called you too with desire, focus, and determination heading for the only destination that matters. Is anything hindering you from running the race God has called you to run?