• The Value of Christ

    “The only thing we can acquire here and take with us into eternity is that free gift of salvation.” What do we value? What do we strive after? What do we hope in? What do we dream in life? We were incredibly blessed to have Zach Brown back this weekend talking about cracked cisterns, eternal possessions, and the two possible things God will say to us when we meet Him face to face.

  • One Last Thing

    “Pretty good is like being the cleanest piece of toilet paper in the septic tank.” As you might already know Mark Vanderwier is preparing to take a sabbatical leave for the summer. He will be back in September. Today’s talk is humble response to Mark asking himself what he would share if this was his final opportunity to talk with us.

  • What Race are You Running?

    “Following Christ is not convenient.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier takes us out for a day at the races. Mark talks about running the race God has called you too with desire, focus, and determination heading for the only destination that matters. Is anything hindering you from running the race God has called you to run?

  • Honouring M.E.N.

    “The greatest thing that we can do as imperfect men and fathers is to point those under our wing to a perfect Father.” Today as we celebrate our Perfect Father and all the men in our lives Mark Vanderwier talks about the importance of having a Paul or a Timothy in our lives; being mentored and being a mentor. In what ways could you empty your bucket for someone else?

  • What a Smoothie Diet Taught Me About Christianity

    “I believe in a God who is a God of “you’ve got to be kidding”.” We were incredibly blessed to have Zach Brown join us this weekend and share an encouraging message with us. Zach talks about trading thorns for cypress trees, nettles for Myrtles, and the deep need for seeking Jesus in our daily lives.

  • I Want to Know Him

    “Yesterday is unchangeable, but today is unwritten.” What do you delight in? In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about the whatevers in our lives that make it difficult for us us to rejoice in the Lord and pressing on to really know Him more!

  • Attitude: Checked, Adjusted, Inspired

    “It’s not a recipe for success as much as it’s an opportunity for unity.” Have you noticed that our world is very divided? In this message Mark Vanderwier talks about the settled way of thinking, or feeling, typically reflected in a persons behaviour – their attitude. What attitudes do you have that need a check today? Give a listen to find out more.

  • Life on Purpose

    “Christ died for our sins and was buried, He rose from the dead and was seen.” What makes you get out of bed in the morning? In this message Mark Vanderwier talks about living life intentionally for the gospel and for Christ.

  • Know, Grow, Overflow

    “Living on the faith of yesterday is like living on stale bread.” In this message Mark Vanderwier talks about the signs of a continued work in your life, coasting through Christianity, the never ending journey of knowing God, and being ready for the day when this life ends.

  • Mom for Hire

    “Honour builds up everyone and everything around it.” In this Mother’s Day message Mark Vanderwier talks about honouring the Mother’s and women in our lives that have influenced and encouraged us and made a small difference one day at a time.

  • Wait, What?

    “Sometimes it’s not going to change, but there’s no need to keep complaining about it.” In this message Mark Vanderwier talks about something that is easy to do and highly contagious – complaining. Then he looks at strategies to stop the spread of complaint and how we can learn to trust God in the desert.

  • Remember

    “Remembering what God has done in the past, allows us to trust Him in the present.” Gary Watson takes us down memory lane and challenges us to remember what God has done for us in the difficult circumstances rather than the circumstances themselves.