• From Now On

    “You’ve got to armour up because you’re in a battle.” In this message Mark Vanderwier reminds us not to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus so we don’t fall for the lies about truth spewed from our culture. Keep seeking truth, speaking truth, and living truth. Are you still armoured up?

  • Murmur Murmur

    “You are actually a part of the solution to the darkness. Murmuring does nothing, but you shining as a bright light does something.” Do you ever find yourself grumbling and complaining? In this message Mark Vanderwier talks practically about Paul’s command in Philippians 2:14 to live a life free of these negative things. Have a listen and don’t allow the darkness to get you down.

  • Cannonball

    “There is a big difference between saying you have to behave a certain way and saying you have to believe in a certain person.” In this message Gary Watson talks about Jesus’ healing at the pool of Bethesda and the aftermath that followed in John chapter five. Jesus’ bold challenge was simple; believe – stop doing things your own way and start doing things God’s way. Yet many of us can still fall into a trap. Give a listen and find out more…

  • Working Out

    “I’m not there yet, but He’s not done yet.” In this message Mark Vanderwier talks about working out salvation with fear and trembling and the need to prioritize our fears so that we don’t underestimate God. Are we working out what He’s working in? Give a listen and find out more.

  • Unified in the Great Divide

    “When you take sides it leads to divides.” If you look around in our culture or read the news it is extremely easy to see division in our world today. In this message Mark Vanderwier looks at chapter two of Paul’s letter to the Philippians and talks about being united around the gospel of Jesus Christ above everything else. What are you living your life for? Is there more to this life than just this life for you? There is hope, there is more, give a listen and find out.

  • The imPOSSIBLE Command

    “It’s okay not to be okay, but it’s not okay if you have no one to talk to when you’re not okay.” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about one of Jesus’ commands that is not possible to accomplish in the larger church as we’ve known it. Mark encourages us to be authentic, grow together, share each others burdens, and circle up. It is difficult to accomplish, but our goal is not comfort, our goal is growth.

  • Baptism: What are You Waiting For?

    “The command of baptism is really clear and it’s not that difficult.” Today Mark Vanderwier talks about water baptism found in the Bible’s New Testament. Mark challenges us to be doers of the word and not deceive ourselves. Test yourself: where are you at really in your walk with Christ? Have you been obedient to Christ when it comes to baptism? If not, what’s holding you back?

  • The Next Step: Obey (Part 2)

    “As much help as it would have been to have an advocate standing next to you. Imagine if your advocate was actually a part of you.” Gary Watson is back today continuing his Follow, Believe, Obey series from 2020. In this message Gary talks about a better way to live, transformed and committed to someone – Holy Spirit.

  • Foundation: More Than a Habit (Part 5)

    “Each part plays a part, if they’re prepared.” In part five of the Foundation series Mark Vanderwier discusses the four things the early church was devoted to. In regard to these things, Mark challenges us to find out what we can prepare and bring to the rest of the gathering.

  • Foundation: Who’s Who in the Crew Around You? (Part 4)

    “Who are you helping on their journey for their benefit only.” In part four of the Foundation series Mark Vanderwier looks at four types of relationships that make disciples or disciple us and fulfill a God given purpose.

  • Foundation: What’s in Your Lunchbox (Part 3)

    “Every part plays a part but where do I start?” In this message Mark Vanderwier crunches the numbers in the account of Jesus feeding 5000+ people from a single meal. WE + JESUS ≠ WE. Okay, math is hard, we get it. Give this message a listen and find why it doesn’t take much to have a huge impact when it’s in God’s hands.

  • Foundation: Enduring Faith (Part 2)

    “We have a temptation when we notice the cracks in our foundation to do nothing and hope it goes away.” In today’s message Mark Vanderwier talks about building a foundation that endures the heaviest storms of life and will result in a faith that grows. If you’re facing a storm today don’t throw in the towel. Give this message a listen and find out more about the hope, trust, and endurance found only in Jesus.